Home & Office Automation

Control4 systems to control your lighting, cameras, tv, music and much more

The best way to enjoy music around your home

With the ability to connect to all of your music streamin services or host your own music, using control4 to seamlessly listen to music around your home couldn’t be easier.

Have your favourite playlist available at the click of a button or have it welcome you as you get in after a long day at work. By using control4 and the expertise of a registered automation programmer, your music can be automated to liven up cooking tea, doing the ironing or simply relaxing with a book.

Automated home security

With embedded control panels around the home you could have the ability to access home wide CCTV or with a range of table top control panels you can keep an eye out for your delivery while going about your day.

Control4 offer a range of sensors to keep your home safe while your at work or with the ability to use moccupancy automation when you are away for longer periods of time to similuate that you are still at home.

Set the perfect mood no matter the time of day

Want the lights to go down when it’s movie time? Or the cupboard lights to come on along with your favourite cooking playlist? All of these things and endless combinations are achievable with Control4.

We can design your automation system to provide you with presets to either get work done or to chill out or simply spend time with the family. Get in touch to find out more.